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Our mission is to help 1 million women in tech industry by 2030 in Europe!

Women in Tech Alliance is formed by passionate women with diverse tech backgrounds, we recognize the importance of fostering a nurturing ecosystem for women entering or advancing in the industry. Our primary focus is on Southern Sweden, a region known for its vibrant blend of generations, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds, fueling creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

MISSION: to unite existing women’s organizations in the region. Our aim is to provide unwavering support to women as they become equal contributors to the innovation and growth of tech-driven businesses, products, and services.

CORE VALUES: Collective Success ~ Community ~ Selflessness ~ Authenticity

< / > founder team

Anca Iordanescu

VP Engineering, Store of the Future - IKEA

My favourite quote is “Well-behaved women rarely make history”. I have been in the tech world long enough to know that the road to success can be curvy and bumpy and you have to be brave to keep going. I want to share my story with the next generation of leaders in tech to inspire them, to help them grow and to encourage them to believe in themselves no matter what!

Gabriela Filip

Senior IT Manager, Carlsberg

The biggest joy I know is the joy of helping someone realise their dreams. I have been an entrepreneur for many years, tried new ideas, made mistakes, I failed, I learnt, I succeeded, and above all I enjoyed every step of the journey. I am an engineer, a dreamer and a doer and I want to help everyone to unlock their true potential.

Anna Andersson

CEO, La Land

I am a creative soul, an entrepreneur, a journalist and film producer deeply immersed in the world of AI, shaping the future of productions. I believe in positive change are made together, we as women can make a difference. Let’s encourage diversity through innovation and embrace the uniqueness of every human. Technology is our tool to explore, create, and become better in countless ways.

Sibel Tuncer

Senior Management Consultant, Accelerated Growth

I thrive on helping people, organisations, and managers embrace change and harness the power of technology. For over a decade I have been leading change and implementing different IT solutions. My goal with Women In Tech is to bridge the gap between technology and women, and to help them navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape with confidence.

Yana Strekalovskaia

Head of Digital Product, IKEA

My mom and dad were engineers, but I chose to study linguistics. Ironically, right after my studies, I got a job at Ericsson. That was the beginning of what has so far been 25 years in the tech industry. I want to share my experience of a “non-techy” woman working in tech – the tech world needs us!

Ramona Ungureanu

Effectiveness Development Leader, IKEA

Anne-Charlotte Joubert

EU Affair & Funding Expert, ESS

Women have this superpower to create great innovative technologies with high impact. I do believe in our incredible capacity to join forces to design a better future. ”Together we are stronger” is my mantra, and I am grateful to offer my expertise in public funding to support WomenInTech and make a difference.

Dzenis Skopljak

Community Manager, Minc

I’m passionate about building inclusive tech communities, especially for underrepresented individuals. Connecting with female leaders keeps me motivated and inspired. I firmly believe in investing in those who have faced and overcome challenges to reach where they are today. Together, we can create a more inclusive future by empowering and celebrating remarkable individuals!

< / > operational team

Ariunzaya Munkhbat


Parichat Rodprasert

UX/UI Designer